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Henan Capitals Industrial Co., Ltd. is the top food trailer / catering equipment manufacturer and exporter in China,whose factory area is 8000 square meters. The company design team have more than 10 years industry experience,experienced sales team know mostly the countries food trailer safety standards and customs import policies. Hope to cooperate with customers long-term and build win-win cooperation relationship.

Our Product

KPT-350MT2 Food Trailer

Trailer Body size : 3m*1.6m*2.32m(L*W*H) Two axle with four tyres Standard Config

KPT-300MT1 Food Trailer

Trailer Body size : 3m*1.8m*2.1m(L*W*H) , Whole trailer size: 4.5m*2m*2.4m(L*W*H)

KPT-400ST Food Trailer

Trailer Body size : 4m*2m*2m(L*W*H) , Whole trailer size: 5.5m*2m*2.4m(L*W*H) tra

KPT-400SG Food Trailer

Trailer Body size : 4m*2m*2m(L*W*H), Whole trailer size: 5m*2m*2.4m(L*W*H) traile

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